November 2023 update:

This divinely designed opportunity for Edenset School to have electricity installed came following Pastor Cyndi Higgins’ 2018 visit.

With her compassionate heart to serve Christ in Africa and in holy desiring to see children in Africa receive quality education and be transformed in a Christian community, she began campaigning for funds to support bringing electricity to the school. This was no easy job because there wasn’t electricity yet brought to the entire remote village called Nabinaka, nor the region in Mazzi parish, Kamira sub county in Luwero district, Uganda. 

In 2021, the dream became a reality. 

We’d like to bring you a 2023 report showing the amazing progress our students have made because of electricity! 

I truly believe that God hears the cry of His people. When we remember the agonizing moments our students used to pass through while learning under disruptive tree shades, temporary muddy structures, and light produced by burning smoky risky candles that actually left some of our students dead when a fire broke out, we are humbled all the more and continue trusting God, praising and honoring Him as we see the Children are very happy, confident, and parents testifying for the great transformation they see at Edenset Nursery & Primary School. 

Indeed we thank God for your precious life and for using you to bless and impact our community with improved education through infrastructure, electrical lighting that is greatly supporting the learning and teaching, extra lessons, research as phones are easily charged and the students and staff are able to use the internet for learning information and more.

This is giving our school higher performance as already seen from Primary 7 mock-test results. We are trusting God for excellent performance on the National Exams this year come November. I also believe that if God accepts our prayers, a computer laboratory would increase the students performance levels even beyond the present.

The need of a boarding facility on our campus continues to bite hard on far distant learners whose parents have continued requesting a dormitory facility to reduce risks of their children walking impassable roads, dangerous sexual predators hiding in dense woods where children must walk to get to school. These travel hours on foot also causes learner exhaustion. All these challenges they face causes the tendency for dropping out of school. We continue to pray that the Lord works out a way for Edenset’s geographically disadvantaged students. 

Just a few days back one of our children we offer bursary, Nakijoba Ruth P5, came with her friend Allen also P5 and challenged me saying, “Mum, when will you ever construct for us a living room? It is so hard coming from our village, it’s far.” I told them, “Pray and God will answer. Heaven and earth and all that therein belongs to Him. 

We remain encouraged and hopeful.

Eve Clive Nansereko 

Founder and Director 

Edenset Nursery & Primary School


Basic information:

School name:  EDENSET Primary & Nursery School

Project:  School Electricity Access (SEA) Project 2021

Location: Nabinaka Village, Mazzi parish, Kamira Sub County, Luwero district, Uganda

Contact person: Reverend Eve Clive Nansereko.

Contact details: P.O Box 349, Luweero, Tel. 0782154254,

Document title: The SEA project implementation report


The success of the SEA project came about as a result of a Request for proposal (RFP) by Pastor Cyndi Higgins, the founder and international director of Run Away Brides (RABS) international ministries situated in the U.S.A but with evangelical programs running in the continent of Africa. Through her ministry and service she has supported the school to access reliable electricity to which this report is in respect thereto.


Edenset primary and Nursery school, a remote school providing education to a community which according to 2002 Kamira sub county baseline survey had 0.4% of the population with ordinary level of education certificate. No wonder, the area is considered as the Karamoja of Luwero because of its deep rooted backwardness in terms of social, economic and spiritual conditions in the heart of Luwero district in Uganda. The possibility at any near future access to electricity did not exist until now. We are fully connected to the service through the support of RABS. This is a great ray of hope for the school to solve the frail sections of its efforts to reach out and sustain academic excellence.

This divinely designed opportunity comes following Pastor Cyndi Higgins compassionate heart to serve Christ in the heartland of Africa and in a holy discontent of passionately desiring to see children in Africa receive quality education as well as a Christ transformed community.

She was at the school located at a ‘small’ remote village called Nabinaka, in Mazzi parish, Kamira sub county in Luwero district, Uganda in 2018. She ecstatically preached in a RABS Conference organized by Good Samaritan Outreach International Church with, a ‘big God,’ on the homeland of the school where she left the community set free from bondage.

No sooner had she left, the government then planned to extend an electricity grid to the village which is over 30 kms away from the nearest electricity grid. Praise the Lord! Now, the light of Christ does not only get seen in the spiritual but is also manifested in the physical illuminating the dark parts of life.


What an amazing impact that has quickly come with the electricity installation program as implemented at the school! So far:

  1. There has arisen general parent and community excitement and great hope in achieving their educational objectives for their children.This has led to a start of the biggest number of the previous students approaching 400 despite Covid 19 effects yet other schools within the area are struggling with very few student enrolment.
  2. More new students have been enrolled with increased appreciation from parents, local leaders among others.
  3. There has been growth in church/chapel attendance, membership as well as Sunday school that is building a generation which will have more people appreciating Christ’s work in their lives as well as upholding moral uprightness.
  4. Three new qualified teachers from distant districts have been recruited and they have accepted to live and work with the school that needs them most which was not so before electrical installation, as they see a promising future and opportunities to further their career through research.


The project implementation activities circled around 5 classroom block, staffroom, administrative block and dormitory, the chapel/church and included acquisition of electricity license, purchase of materials, wiring, installation, and labor. Materials were purchased according to the budget and delivered on site and work begun on 21st of December, 2021 despite the interruption that came about due to the demise of Eve Clive’s father the late Nsereko Edward on the 22nd /12/2021. 

The contractors engaged in the activities were from a company known as Billy electricals LTD from Kampala.

Electrical lines installed in the classrooms
Electricity being installed in Church/ Chapel
Edenset Students Excited to return to school after Covid 6 month closure and finding electricity had been installed.
Poles and lines—lighting up the classrooms


The challenge and future Prospects

Because the five semi-finished permanent classrooms that the school has are unable to provide learning facility enough for children from Nursery to grade 7, the school with the little savings from school fees paid, raised a 4 classroom block to foundation level in August 2021. From here well-wishers, Mrs. Harriet & Joseph Sserwadda came in and supported with the building to wall plate level. However, with electrical installation there has been increased enrolment that created a need that now urgently requires completion of the building otherwise learning of the children is at stake. Therefore, we long for your prayers and still believing God for phased completion starting with roofing that has been estimated at a budget of 18,305,000 UGX ($5,720.00 USD) and soon thereafter do electrical installation estimated at 2,107,000 UGX ($658.00 USD).

Edenset Primary & Nursery School Campus
Needs roof, electricity, floors, plastering, etc. for new 4 classroom complex

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I am a missionary pastor to pastors on the mission field in East Africa. I began ministerial studies in 2007 and completed them in 2011 and I was then ordained by two international ministries, Free International Ministries and MCWE Ministries. Run Away Brides International Ministries used to be under the umbrella of Barefoot Gardens Fellowship beginning in 2010. In 2018 RABS International Ministries became an independent registered ministry in 2018. My volunteer role is the International Director of RABS. RABS brings runaway brides of Christ back to Him through conferences held in many areas in Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania. RABS also does humanitarian work in these nations.