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March 8, 2021

Warm greetings RABS & Mummy Cyndi

I am grateful to God for enabling me to travel and conduct RABS’ ministry activities in Karamoja Region in Kaabong and Moroto districts. I was able to pay the 15 student’s fees and buy their uniforms and provide their scholastic material funds and pay for their daily food and care expenses. I thank RABS for the prayers and support rendered. Every mission has its unique challenges and experiences, but God abides with us through all.

I thank God for the educational funds and village treatment funds I received from RABS USA. I came to realize everywhere you go in Karamoja, they are battling with scabies, jiggers, bed bugs and rats and hunger. I am perplexed beyond reason at the level of infestation and starvation they are suffering. This nature and magnitude of infestation necessitates the spraying of all households before even administering treatment to the individuals. I had to buy two medium sprayers for the task. I also managed to acquire some medication for scabies and some for jiggers plus some rodenticide. Since their huts are built close to one another, and a good number of them already suffering from these communicable problems. I needed to conduct the spraying and treatment operation in the entire villages, but I could not.

First, I had limited medication and it could only be applied to a few people and just enough spray for a few huts. Secondly, the spraying required the huts be first entirely dampened before spraying and those being treated to first bathe before applying the medication to their bodies. However, it is so hot and dry in these villages that folks can spend days even weeks without bathing. Water is very scarce. Thirdly, I had no food to give them while I was conducting the operation, which means they could not leave the compound and scavenge for their food, because it was needful for all of them to be fully involved especially the first two days. Finally, I could not afford an interpreter and alone it was extremely hard explaining and engaging with the villagers. I had to cancel the treatment program in the three Loleria villages in Kaabong district. Because needs were so profound, I had to decide who to treat and who not to. Loleria villages in Kaabong District were my intended target for this initial treatment program. Their entire camps must be treated due to the severity of the infestation. Due to my limited supplies, I decided to take the program to Moroto district in Aworob and Kambizi villages.

In Aworob village I was helped by Anna, the fellowship leader there and in Kambizi village, Pastor Okwi and a Village Health Trainee helped me.  I decided to select only the elderly and the very-young who were adversely affected. The rest will be worked on in subsequent operations. Here I had to buy water for the people to bathe. The VHT helped in bathing the children. The photos show the few huts I could spray and the few people I could treat with the medicine. I wish I could have done more, but I am grateful to RABS for enabling this first phase. In Aworob, which is along Moroto-Kitale Road, I had to acquire soldiers from a nearby barracks for security. These areas still have tribal clashes and cattle raids using guns, spears, and arrows and some lives have been lost. I had to pay a fee to get three armed personnel to cover us. Some of the increased violence is due to the starvation conditions. Before the mission was over, my funds were gone. I had to call my wife, Lydia, to send me transport money to get back home.

We cannot treat all five villages now, but we can treat people, huts, and grounds in the Loleria Camps, Kolmeo, Nakatapan, and Mouledu tightknit neighborhoods greatly infected. There are between five and six hundred people including children in these 3 villages. A little less than four hundred are affected by one or more of these ailments. The budget is missing the cost of beans and rice, but greatly needed (costing $260.00 USD).

Report and budget submitted by

Pastor Denis Peter Muwanguzi


Uganda Volunteer National Director


Sprayers (15 ltrs each)2 cans110,000220,000 
Benzyl benzoate (scabies)150 units5,000750,000 
Jigger ointment (4people/tin)5 dzns40,000200,000 
Medicinal soap (6people/piece)5 dzns30,000150,000 
Disinfectant spraying(1ltr/10homes)15 ltrs40,000600,000 
Rodenticide (for rats)30 pkts5,000150,000 
sanitizer1 litre35,00035,000 
gloves1 pkt40,00040,000 
Face masks 30,00030,000 
Pain killers (dynapar)1 pkt25,00025,000 
Antibiotics (ampiclox)2 pkts25,00050,000 
Syringes (5mls-10, 10mls-10)20 pcs1,00010,000 
Maize flour (20kg by 4days)80kgs3,000240,000 
sugar (5kg by 4 days)20kgs4,00080,0002,580,000
Transport to kaabong (to and from)2*2pple125,000500,000 
Boda kaabong to loleria (to and fro)2*3 pple50,000300,000 
luggage 35,00035,000 
Feeding (b/fast, lunch, super for 2)2*7days25,000350,000 
communication 50,00050,0001,025,000
 Water for bathing & wetting huts1000 ltrs100,000100,000
TOTAL $1,223.45 US DOLLARS   3,915,000

Dear Beloved:

            I am sharing this need with you, because in the past you have helped Run Away Brides International Ministries care for these five Remote Villages of Karamoja Region, the desolate area of Northern Uganda.  RABS adopted these villages in late 2018. We began by helping students complete their educations. We now have fifteen full time students back in school. Your gifts helped start farming projects and now the villages have the tools they need for seasonal planting and harvesting. You have helped us in protecting against elephants raiding their gardens and crops. Your donations have allowed us to carry food and water into these villages and camps when even The Red Cross could not make it in because of flooding, washed out roads, and bridges. Now, Beloved, they are facing these new heartbreaking conditions. Please if you can help us with any amount in 2021, we would be incredibly grateful. Because of Covid-19, we did not ask for help in 2020, but now we need to help these that seemingly have been overlooked during the pressure of the pandemic by their government and large international ministries.

Thank you and God Bless you,

Pastor Cyndi Higgins email:

RABS International Director

Run Away Brides (RABS) International Ministries


OR mail check to: RABS @ 577 Alta Dale Ave SE, Ada, MI 49301

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