In the midst all the reasons not to travel during these dangerous times to Karamoja, Uganda, Rev. Eva Clive and I, decided we must go and find out the realities of what was happening with our students RABS USA has been supporting.

  • First the purpose was to get what was really going on with the four girls in Kaabong during the Covid pandemic and the way forward. As I told you earlier it is very difficult to get through phone to the headteacher and pastor while I am in Kampala. And sure I got something different than what I knew.
  • Pauline was left alone after her mother lost her mind and ran away, she has nobody to care for her, so RABS in sending her to boarding/vocational school has given her great hope. 
  • -Pauline is the lead-girl in academic achievements she is the one who replaced our eldest student that during Covid-school-closure, became pregnant. It’s sad we lost her recorded interview in mama Eve’s phone when we were forced to run and hide during a tribal up rise mama Eve unknowingly lost her phone. Pauline is doing well considering her hardships including her mother ran away mad leaving her helpless. The other three girls, Veronica, Esther, and Naquan are attending village learning centers but are going to start attending school when schools reopen on the 18th of January.
  • Veronica lives with her Auntie in the village because her mother abandoned her and now roams the streets of Kaabong town. She is thrilled to be in boarding/vocational school now and sees this as her opportunity to fulfill dreams that once seemed impossible. 
  • Esther is completely an orphan. First her father died, then her mother re-married. Sadly, her mother died two years later leaving Esther with the step-father. However, since he had several children of his own, he was unable to take care of Esther and sent her away to her mother’s family, but their poverty forced them to reject her as well. Learning of Esther’s predicament, the head-school-master brought her into the village teaching program and made arrangements for her through our RABS school program. 
  • Naquan is also an orphan living with her Auntie and they barely get anything to eat prompting her to loiter in the village looking for food. We were notified and were able to take her off the streets through the RABS school  program and she is happily engaged in learning at the boarding/vocational school where it is reported she is doing well.
  •  That means the four girls need financial facilitation to enable them to stay in boarding school as it was before the pandemic. Remember previously RABS catered for all they needed so that they attended school without distraction. These needs included personal effects like soap, school bags, feeding, uniform, etc..
    -The requirements of the girl who is preparing for final exams are more than what the other three require. These include assessment fees, registration fees, identity card with photograph.
  • The eleven children in Moroto district will also be resuming school on the 18th January. The school management committee resolved to keep these children in boarding section because their parents would engage them with home chores and they would miss attending school. We provided for scholastic materials that they would use when they report to school on the 18th. However, they will need boarding fees and some personal effects. I am compiling a list of their requirements
  • We had meeting with the new headteacher and his deputy of the school where the 11 children are attending in Moroto district. They agreed with the school management committee to keep the children in boarding section to prevent parents from interfering with their studies.

All glory and honor to our Master and Lord, King Jesus.

Muwanguzi Denis Peter

RABS Uganda National Director.

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