5TH Year Anniversary of RABS’ Mill

One of the happiest days of my life. Seeing Mama Cyndi’s Milling project in full operation. The concept of a RABS’ business to help support the missions and humanitarian campaigns began knocking in late 2017, after my visits to Uganda and Tanzania.

We built the Mill in one of the poorest communities, Kierika Kasokoso, a suburb of Kampala. Construction began later that year.

Returning from a 35 day mission both in Kenya and Uganda the RABS International Team and our Kampala strong Leaders and I dedicated it to the Lord and His Kingdom and the community in February 2018. These photos were taken in 2019 while I was on the mission field in Uganda.

I’d like to share a godly truth with you, when God knocks on your heart’s door and tells you to do what seems impossible, just surrender and do it!!!

He works it all out to be achievable. I had paid off my mortgage November 2016 and was gladly building up my retirement account. However, in 2017, I heard the Lord’s voice in my heart that the money I was putting aside wasn’t mine but it belonged to His Kingdom.

I’d be lying if I said I immediately complied. It took some convincing. In the end, I surrendered to the Lord. The result is this Mill that indeed has attributed to hundreds of salvations both in the community and the surrounding areas and in the nation itself.

Each year 25% of the net proceeds helps feed some of the Mill’s neighbors such as the elderly women, widows, and single mothers. When we have emergencies in the mission field, the Mill immediately takes care of them.

I don’t share this to brag, I share it to encourage you. This project was hard, troubling, heartbreaking, maddening, way over budget, and at times overwhelming. However, the ‘test’ that the RABS Uganda Team and I went through became our ‘testimony’ to the goodness of God. The messes we found ourselves in at times, became our messages witnessing that we should never stop trusting Jesus.

Remember: There is always a story behind the glory! We who believe in the Lord Jesus will stumble and fall, but His outstretched arm will always lift us up!

The Mill is owned and operated by RABS Ministries International LTD of Uganda. Donations are always welcome.

Thank you and God bless you and yours.

Pastor Cyndi Higgins