To learn more about the current medical needs of the remote villages of Karamoja Region, Northern Uganda, connect to RABS Facebook page with the following link.

2021 UPDATE: In February 2020, Mama Cyndi’s Milling Company LTD gave away 5 pound(2.5 kilograms) and 11 pound (5 kilograms) bags of flour to 83 needy widows and poor single mothers who had registered with Kiereka Kasokoso Chairman, Zone 1. Pastor Cyndi Higgins was there to not only distribute bags of flour, but also tried her hand at the Miller. Prior to the event, she met with the Chairman and several chairpersons of Kiereka Kasokoso, Zone 1, learning the various needs of the community and sharing in ideas for future community events to reach those most in need and expanding Run Away Brides International Ministries services.

MAMA CYNDI’S MILLING PROJECT is located in Kiereka Kasokoso Zone 1 which is within the jurisdiction of Kampala, Uganda, East Africa. Kasokoso is a district comprising of approximately 140 acres divided into 4 Zones with an estimated overall population of 300,000. This is the first mill built in this area. 

Within the articles of the Mill’s agreement is “The Gleaning Ministry.” This community outreach gives ‘free Maize (corn) Flour’ to the neediest widows, and poorest single mom’s in Zones 1, 2, 3, and 4 of Kasokoso. Additionally, a percentage of the mill’s income will be donated to RABs Africa to help supplement some of the ministry’s expenses.

WE NEED YOUR FINANCIAL HELP to purchase crops from the local farmers and pay truck drivers to help more families. 

Thank you and God bless you!

Pastor Cyndi Higgins

RAB President and International Director

City Inspector signed off on the completed building, and our Mill’s work began.