GuideStar Charity Check 2024

In this busy world many people claim to be a charitable organization, yet they are not, they are opportunist taking advantage of good people. On May 18, 2024, Run Away Brides International Ministries seal of transparency was elevated from the Silver Seal to the Gold Transparency Seal. Anything you want to know about our authenticity including our financial status can be found at

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I am a missionary pastor to pastors on the mission field in East Africa. I began ministerial studies in 2007 and completed them in 2011 and I was then ordained by two international ministries, Free International Ministries and MCWE Ministries. Run Away Brides International Ministries used to be under the umbrella of Barefoot Gardens Fellowship beginning in 2010. In 2018 RABS International Ministries became an independent registered ministry in 2018. My volunteer role is the International Director of RABS. RABS brings runaway brides of Christ back to Him through conferences held in many areas in Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania. RABS also does humanitarian work in these nations.