Our RABS National Directors and RABS Team Leaders of Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania, some accompanied by RABS Africa Coordinator, Pastor Milton Wanyama, entered new territories carrying the Message of Hope in Jesus. Along with them they delivered food, school supplies, education tuitions, farming tools and seeds, clothes and shoes, Bibles and Christian books, tracts, and children’s literature. Most importantly, they took in their love, hugs, encouragement and smiles–Truly, these were all ‘Mission’s of Hope.’

REFUGEE CAMP IN KENYA: Bishop Wilfred Barasa, RABS Kenya National Director accompanied by Pastor Milton Wanyama, RABS Africa Coordinator took the RABS Message to Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya. Established in 1992, Kakuma camp is located in Northwestern Kenya. It’s currently the world’s largest refugee camp, hosting over 184,000 people. Kakuma is co-managed by Kenya’s Department of Refugee Affairs, and the UNHCR.

It’s reported that 400 churches are within the confines of the camp. RABS three-day-conference was attended by 70 of the camp’s pastors and thousands of refugees attended the open-air-‘camp-wide-crusade held nightly and sponsored and organized by an American mission’s ministry from Albany Oregon USA, “Worldwide Outreach,”  but invited RABS Bishop Wilfred and Pastor Milton to preach and help with the ‘salvation-call and prayers.’ Many received Jesus as Savior throughout the nightly crusades and all of the pastors attending the RABS Conference ‘came back into an intimate loving relationship with Jesus.’ Hopelessness and hardships such as these men and women of God endure under such harsh environments alongside their fellow refugees from several nations in time breaks the sweet fellowship one has with Jesus.

Once these pastors were refreshed with the blessed Hope of Jesus in their lives, they readily learned how to go out and evangelize other fallen-away Christians (runaway brides) who themselves had wandered away from Jesus mostly because of the harsh reality of their very abnormal living conditions as refugees displaced from their own nations due to war, political unrest, and violence.

REMOTE VILLAGES IN THE KARAMOJA REGION, UGANDA:  Pastor Denis Muwanguzi, RABS Uganda National Director is RABS and BFG’S leader in the “5 Remote Village Project.” Alongside of Pastor Denis in this undertaking is Rev. Eva Clive Nansereko, RABS Uganda Associate-National Director and RABS East Africa Women’s Director. They began this work alone in early 2017 and later asked RABS in 2018 if we could join hands with them. RABS recently separating from BFG Fellowship Ministries, as their outreach-mission’s ministry, and registering as its own non-profit 501(c) (3) organization had reservations to more financial obligations in East Africa.

Therefore, the  RABS Board of Directors met with BFG Fellowship Ministries leaders and suggested a co-partnership in the “5 Remote Village Project.” It was an unanimous “Yes” from the BFG leaders and congregation to partner with RABS International Ministries for this greatly needed service.  Together we are:

  • Providing primary and secondary education for boys and girls in remote villages where otherwise they would not receive basic educations. We are paying school fees for students that otherwise could not attend the government school. In the Loleria camps where education is provided for via Red Cross’ assistance, due to no governmental schools, we are helping with school supplies for both students and the ‘camp’s teacher.’  
  • In response to the least educated population in the rural wilderness areas of Karamoja Region, Uganda; the girls, we are providing the funding for female adolescents from the five remote villages to attend two-year-programs at Vocational Boarding Schools in Uganda. At the end of the program, they will return to their villages with a money-making trade to help support themselves and their extended families.
  • Under Pastor Denis’ leadership, we have established and he is now monitoring through quarterly visits, the village farming projects. We provided the seeds and the farming tools and proper farming education including help in preventing monkeys and elephants from destroying their crops.
  •  BFG Fellowship Ministries is a “Mission’s Church,” and has now planted churches in the villages that did not have a church. BFG and RABS has provided Bibles and Christian educational materials in the Karamojong language and in English to disciple the newly placed leadership and the saints in each remote village.

RURAL DISTRICTS IN TANZANIA AND UGANDA:  We sent national missionaries into Tanzania and for the first time we had pastors from all over Tanzania attending one of our RABS Conferences. Evangelist Gervas  Mwanyila our RABS Tanzania National Director wrote to us:

“We had a five-day conference and crusades every evening which was organized by National RABS Director; Evangelist Gervas Mwanyila and the RABS Tanzania team. The conference and crusade were conducted at Kyela border of Tanzania and Malawi. We had different speakers including RABS African Coordinator Pastor Milton Wanyama.  In these five days from July 3rd to the 7th of conference and crusade in Kyela we witnessed many Run Away Brides reconciling and confessing Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.  A total of 40 unsaved people gave their lives to Christ, and hundreds of Christians were reconciled back to Jesus at the crusades and the conference. We also received for RABS a donation of Bibles from the Gideon organization that we later distributed to the new converts who gave their lives to Christ. Additionally, we also gave RABS Bible Study books to the conference pastors and church leaders.


CENTRAL UGANDA: From June to October 1st, 2019, RABS has been hosted in several RABS conferences and crusades throughout Central Uganda.  Apostle Moses Bwire, RABS East Africa Interpreter has conducted numerous RABS conferences as well as Pastor Tanas RABS Busia District Leader, Kampala RABS Youth Leader, James Ouma, RABS International Gospel Music Manager, Evangelist Moko,  RABS Kigumba Region Leader, Pastor Nsubuga John, RABS Uganda National Director, Pastor Denis, and RABS Uganda Associate-Director, Rev. Eva Clive, and many more. Many RABS trained teachers move around and speak into individual churches and we only hear about it when they let Pastor Milton know of the RABS movements. Glory to God!

Bishop Wilfred of Kenya told me, “Mama, there is no place in Kenya that I go, that RABS has not been heard of–it is spreading like a quiet fire throughout Kenya, surely God is at work.” For this is not the work of men and women but the work of the Holy Spirit.

RWANDA RABS NEWS–PLEASE JOIN US IN PRAYER: Since March of 2018 when the Rwandan government shut down hundreds and hundreds of churches citing they were closed due to building and noise violations, RABS has not been able to effectively train pastors and leaders and Christians on how to evangelize runaway brides of Christ. We are upholding all of Rwandans in our prayers; as we fear these continually closed out Christians from public worship, may indeed become a runaway brides of Christ crisis in Rwanda.