Run Away Brides International  Ministries became an independent nonprofit 501 (c) (3) in February 2018 after being a Mission’s Ministry under the Michigan USA based church, Barefoot Gardens Fellowship Ministries. Further information can be obtained by emailing: info@run-away-brides-ministries.com

RABs was founded by Pastor Cyndi Higgins in September 2012 after the Lord brought a vision during a time of fasting and prayer. She established it as the Mission’s Ministry of Barefoot Gardens Fellowship Ministries, the church she has pastored at since June 2008.

In the vision she saw the inside of an empty Church and she was standing at the front of it. The doors were wide open at the back of the Church and all the pews were empty. Then water droplets began falling upon the floor. They became heavier and the splashing was like ocean waves against the seashore. She asked, “Lord, what is this?” She heard in her spirit, “Tears, my brides have runaway. Go usher in my brides.”

This Mission’s ministry is for any Church that desires to bring back those who had said, “Yes,” to Jesus Christ at some point in their life, but have run away from Him and most likely the Church as well. Unlike any jilted bridegroom, Christ Jesus still waits at His Wedding Altar for His Bride, “The Church.”

You may join this faith assignment of “Bringing back the brides of Christ.” There is NO FEE attached to learning how to evangelize run away brides. Pastor Cyndi Higgins has written two books; “Run Away Brides Bible Study” written for pastors and Christian Church Leaders and any Christian stirred by the Holy Spirit to help on how and why we must usher these run away brides back to Jesus and how to be good attendants to ALL Brides of Christ. The second book is a handbook for reconciled run away brides of Christ as well as those inside the Church, “Reconciled Bridal Relationships.” We must learn to build an intimate relationship with Christ Jesus but with one another as well. We are all ONE Body of Christ and not individual bodies of Christ. Let us begin with reconciling the run away brides to Christ Jesus and His Church in building UNITY in THE CHURCH!

If you are moved to help bring back the run away brides of Christ and would like make a charitable donation, we thank you for being obedient to the prompting of the Holy Spirit. We appreciate your generosity and we graciously receive this gift of love from you. 

Sr. Pastor Cyndi Higgins