THE COMMON THING THEY ALL HAVE IS YOU AND ME THROUGH RUN AWAY BRIDES INTERNATIONAL MINISTRIES. We can all come together and help these that truly cannot help themselves. Open your hearts, beloveds, and see what the Lord will do with the blessings He has blessed you with. We thank all of our RABS International Ministries’ prayer and financial partners. Without you these many humanitarian outreaches would not be possible. With your help we have accomplished a lot and we are grateful.

March 2021, was a busy month for RABS International Ministries. We had missionaries helping in the remote villages of Karamoja Region in the most wilderness areas of Uganda. Our missionaries, Pastor Denis Muwanguzi and Rev. Eva Clive Nansereko have worked hard in this regions and now the challenges for the villagers is even greater than before. They are currently there (April 21, 2021) working to eradicate the infestation of rats, scabies, and jiggers. They have also carried in food and water and medicine for the villages.

Our volunteer missionaries did seven missions carrying the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Uganda and two missions in DRC (Democratic Republic of the Congo) in March and April 2021. They visited several churches and were hosted for RABS 3-day conferences in Uganda: Nakasongola, Bulesa/Buuni, Bukimo, Buwolero, Bugiri, Nansaga, and Kigulu. In DRC: Kasindi District, and Mambasa District.

On International Women’s Day, March 7, 2021, in Kiereka Kasokoso, Uganda, a suburb of Kampala, Mama Cyndi’s Milling Company gave away 100 (5kg–11.2 pounds) of Maize Flour to vulnerable widows and single mothers of the community. Covid-19 has drastically increased the malnutrition and starvation issues already existing in the forgotten ghettos and remote villages.

Now the RABS family has opened their hearts to a new cry for help! As with any ministry and especially during a pandemic, needs continue coming in. This current ministry need has come to us as many of the previous financial partners of Covenant Family of God Home Based Orphanage, Moi’sBridge, Kenya, are currently unable to help due to Covid-19 deaths, sicknesses, and financial losses. RABS is hoping to fill the gap with prayers and financial gifts. Bishop Barasa, RABS Kenya Volunteer National Director, made a visit to the orphanage and met with a long-time friend of RABS, Bishop Samson Walala. Bishop Barasa has given us a full report of the current situation., which can be read if you download the attached PDF.

Currently 6 children are in higher education, one even accepted to Nzoia College of Nursing, and 19 children in different classes within the primary levels. All of these children were street children. They have come from the streets and the garbage heaps and dumpsters of Moi’sBridge.

PLEASE DOWNLOAD the full report below and read all the RABS News covering these needs and the stories that go along with them.

God Bless you and thank you for all that you do to help in these difficulties that many are struggling with.

Pastor Cyndi Higgins (Deiters)