Covenant Family of God Home Based Orphanage in Moi’sBridge, Kenya


April 19, 2021

We thank all our RABS International Ministries’ prayer and financial partners. Without you these many humanitarian outreaches would not be possible. With your help we have accomplished a lot and we are grateful. Because of you and the gifts you sent RABS, as I write I can report to you that Pastor Denis Muwanguzi is in the mission field in Karamoja Region in the three villages treating the grounds and huts, to rid them of the rat, scabies, and jigger infestation. Additionally, water has been carried into bathe and clean all the villagers and medically treat them to help heal the skin rashes and infections the scabies and jiggers have left them suffering with because of this invasion. 

Because of your generosity, Pastor Denis was also enabled to take drinking water, Maize Flour, salt, sugar, dry beans, and rice to the villagers as well. We are grateful that one of you is volunteering to sponsor Catherine, a teenage-single-mother. She has been accepted into a private school to complete her high-school equivalent Successful Students from Streets to School degree and then after six-months, she will move into a boarding school with her young-child into Vocational studies.

As with any ministry and especially during a pandemic, needs continue coming in. This current ministry need has come to us as many of the previous financial partners of Covenant Family of God Home Based Orphanage, Moi’sBridge, Kenya, are currently unable to help due to Covid-19 deaths, sicknesses, and financial losses. RABS is hoping to fill the gap with prayers and financial gifts. Bishop Barasa made a visit to the orphanage and he has given us the following report. Please consider helping these beloved children—one time!

Bishop Wilfred’s report: I found out during my visit to the Orphanage with Bishop Walala the director of the orphanage how desperate for help they are. With a sole-hands he and his wife care for these children with extremely limited resources. They house the children in their own house with very few facilities that can sustain these children and make the daily costs.

This photo is of the director with two boys who have been raised at the orphanage ever since 2009. Namely Victor asai who is in Form 2 and Amos Odera Form 2.

Those who are not in the picture but are also in high school include Linda Nasike – boarding school Form 3, Junet Anyango day school Form 3, Nancy Simiyu, boarding Form 1, Samuel Muyenga Musambai has been offered a place in Nzoia College of Nursing.

In addition to students in higher grades, they have 19 orphans in primary schools: 6 pupils in upper primary, 8 pupils in lower primary and 5 kids in Kindergarten. Their requirements are $21.00 per child as quality assessment fees. There are other requirements like school uniforms, shoes, books, pens, and other educational materials.  Other Challenges

  • Lack of Mattresses
  • Lake of blankets
  • Lack of shoes 
  • Lack of enough space
  • Lack of clothes
  • Lack of books 
  • Lack of educational material
  • Lack of cooking materials 
  • Lack of enough food

The two beds which you are see are shared with 6 boys, 3 on each bed. In one of the pictures Bishop Walala shows where the food is been prepared with a small cooking pot. There is not enough space in the kitchen. Beds are shared with many kids with not enough blankets. They are using blankets as mattresses on some of the beds. I was shown bricks that they anticipate building a shelter for these children so that they can have spacious room for their stay, dining, and a better kitchen.

I am appealing to all well wishers, both men and women of God and all people of good will to stand in their fervent prayers to support these children individually or help the ministry in the following areas:

  1. SAMUEL MUSAMBAI: First Year College Fees Balance of $1840.00
  2. NANCY SIMIYU; has high School fee arrears $264
  3. LINDA NASIKE:  has high School fee arrears $263
  4. JUNET ANYANGO:  has high School fee arrears $100
  5. VICTOR MASAI: has high School fee arrears $100
  6. AMOS ODERA: has high School fee arrears $100
  7. FOR OTHER 19 PRIMARY CHILDREN Total needed $397
  8. Total Current Educational Fees Needed $3,064.

CLOSING REMARKS: The Challenges which Bishop Samson Walala goes through are verifiably viable.  I, Bishop Wilfred Barasa of Kenya, Kenya RABS Volunteer National Director have observed all these and witnessed with my own eyes the challenges which Bishop Samson Walala goes through as you can see in the photos him with me verifying some of the school documents. With an eye of favor truly-speaking, there is need for provisional support and prayers so that these children can put a smile on their faces, have hope for the future, and in this manner praise the name of the living God. 

Yours faithfully,

Bishop Wilfred Barasa

Kenya RABS Volunteer National Director