Pastor Denis treating villagers with scabies’ rash and Jigger bites in the Remote Villages of Karamoja Region Northern Uganda–February 20, 2021
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Scabies is an itchy, highly contagious skin disease caused by an infestation by the itch mite Sarcoptes scabiei. It is very painful and debilitating. My brothers and sisters created in the image of God, cannot sit, sleep, or walk comfortably because of scabies and jiggers. More than two thirds of these people in the camps of Loleria in Kaabong district are affected with these plagues.

This is the most disturbing and threatening phenomenon we found in all the villages we ministered to. Ninety percent of the children and sixty percent of the adults are suffering from scabies and jiggers. Some children cannot sit or walk. It is so sickening to see these folks limping with sores and swollen legs, hands, feet, palms, backs etc. These scabies are likely to be spread by rats. There are very many rats in these villages. Medical practitioners say the only way to help this community rid themselves of these infestations is by treating all the affected together. The whole operation will require pesticides, anti-scabies cream, rodenticide for rats, sprayers, antibiotics, pain killers, soap, protection gear, basins, paraffin and feeding for those involved. It is a heavy task. Scabies affects all ages and races and annually over 300 million cases are reported.

The program involves spraying and disinfecting the huts and compounds of homes of the affected persons which in this case covers whole communities because they stay close to each other. The spraying is aimed at killing all the jigger larvae and scabies parasites in the dust, floor, roofs, and walls. They are also given antibiotics to prevent or treat any infection or pus development. First, a thorough body washing using soap before anything is applied, then scabies cream is applied to the whole body. After the first three or four applications, we wait for four to seven days watching the progress of healing and then apply a second round of administration where needed.  

The truth is you and I can do something to help these beloveds in these remote villages. We are expected to be our brother’s keeper through responding to the hurts of the less fortunate. I ask you to express God’s love through helping in treating our brethren. 


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