Run Away Brides International Ministries Report on the RABS’ 2020 ACTIVITIES.

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It’s with my humble pleasure to thank the Lord for the vision God gave to Mama /Rev. Cyndi Higgins, Founder Run Away Brides International Ministries. Praise the Lord for RABS.

In 2017, the Lord spoke through his servant Mama to build and start up a sustainable ministry project. In 2018, through various events it became clear it would be a Flour Mill as an income generating business in Kireka- Kasokoso one of the suburbs of Kampala Uganda.

The Mill is a labor of love and along with its frustrations has had many notable successes mostly not financial gains but soul gains and friendships and strong community relationships. The Mill has been registered under limited company. All this effort in gaining territory for the Lord is by the help of my dear beloved servant of God bearing her name, Mama Cyndi Milling Company LTD.

The Mill’s purpose is to support the needy as we push forward the mission work of God. Although the place is dominated with Muslims and witchcraft, we are witnessing many in the community especially in our neighborhood responding positively to the vision and accepting Christ as their personal Savior and many attending the newly opened church, Christ Brides Church, where I minister as a senior pastor.

This is a very big role the Mill is playing despite the pandemic, since the outbreak as from March up to date, and so we are enjoying the fruits of mama’s vision, and currently I am serving the community in many aspects as an evangelist in the area as well as doing charitable services.

I thank God for James’ presence at the Mill, working as a manager and balancing the book records for the stability of the company. I am proud of the tireless effort he’s rendering.

We started overseeing this charity program by denoting maize flour to the hungry and needy people with the help of area council chairman Mr. Haji Musa. Haji has been our community-leader icon in the area. Though we don’t have a commonality in our faith, we do have in common the passion to help all others, especially in this deprived community full of hopelessness. God is using him – we saw this demonstrated especially in February during Mama Cyndi’s visit, the food distribution to widows and single mothers, was successful through Haji Musa, (Kasokoso LC 1 chairperson), and his team of counsel men and women who played a very big role in bringing women together. I am very pleased as many of the counsel members have continued to support the Mill with flour purchases as well as purchases used to help the poor and needy of the community throughout 2020. Another coordinated food distribution between the Local Counsel and Mama Cyndi’s Milling Company LTD is planned for mid-March 2021.

I thank God by His grace there has been a drastic change in the lives of our neighborhoods, and the image of the helping hands of Jesus through RABS ministries at large despite the hard times we have faced in 2020 has improved and established many new relationships throughout the communities of Kasokoso.

I am so excited to have such a ministerial opportunity to serve the church, and the Kingdom of God, and the community with natural and spiritual food through the Mill as we prepare the church for the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

By the grace of God, I have been held responsible for every detail from start, and now to the Mill’s operations and productions as witnessed in the mill’s premise.

God bless Mama Cyndi so much and the entire USA RABS body. Your guidance and love and all the prayers have given us the opportunity and strength to overcome insurmountable obstacles brought on by the 2020 pandemic. I also wish to thank all of you our financial partners for the generosity and effort you each render to make the ends meet.

Secondly, I want to thank the Lord as RABS coordinator Africa, for the Fourth Annual International Missions we held alongside of Mama in January/February 2020 before Covid19 outbreak. God moved in a tremendous way through the woman of God, Mama Cyndi. The teachings continue to echo throughout Uganda as we have watched the hand of God work miracles in spite of all the pandemic difficulties.

The crusades and conferences were highly attended in all the 7 cities we went; Kiryandongo, Jinja, Busia, Bugiri, Kampala, Entebbe, and Bulenga. All these for the glory of God. Uganda in general did not remain the same. Although leaving the Kigumba mission and heading for Jinja was challenging with engine failure of our mission van, forcing Pastor Denis and Evangelist Moko into sleeping inside the van on the way at late night, and succumbing to unusual remedies, which was a new normal for our mama, she remained faithful in the mission stepping through the difficulties. She also kept encouraging us to push the vehicle and move forward with prayers and fighting words against the enemy of our souls.

All the cities we traversed in, we saw the hand of God moving and still people testify up to date for the great and mighty move of God. Though we will not be able to host an international mission 2021 with mama, it shall not cease us from moving forward with RABS Ministries’ faith assignment, “bringing back the Brides of our Lord Jesus Christ.” I therefore thank the Lord for the schedules and all the budgets and the arrangements I oversee during mama’s visit in Uganda and the other East African nations’ ongoing RABS missions under the watchful eye of the USA RAB Board of Directors. Thank you for putting this trust in me.

To all my RABS International Team Coworkers, for the great work you did this year. Mama’s personal interpreter, Apostle Moses Bwire who was able to keep up with mama’s fiery preaching under the anointing. After mama’s leaving Apostle Moses had many planned 2020 RABS missions, but Covid19 restrictions caused those to be cancelled. However later this year, he was able to hold a few RABS missions after the Covid19 restrictions were relaxed so he could travel these past few months taking the RABS faith assignment to new territories.

I thank Pastor Denis our Uganda RABS director. I respect the anointing upon his life as he is dedicated to helping children across Uganda especially in Karamoja where most missionaries won’t go because of the danger. He and Rev. Eva Clive had many 2020 RABS missions planned for all of 2020 in the school projects and farming projects in Karamoja Region, however Covid19 put a stop to all those plans. He and Rev. Eva Clive though were enabled to take a December mission to the region and check on the villages and the students and have fellowship in each village with the villagers and they just recently returned just before Christmas with a full report regarding the students RABS is supporting and the village projects initiated in 2018. Additionally, Pastor Denis has been our RABS trustworthy International driver three years in a row now and our financial consultant and regional advisor during travels with mama.

Many thanks to Mama’s East African advisor and Uganda Associate RABS director, Rev. Eva Clive. It’s indescribable everything she does before and while mama is visiting any of the East African nations. She is completely responsible for mama’s care and health day and night and we can never thank her enough for all that she does. She’s a real blessing to RABS ministries.

She too represents RABS in the ongoing women’s ministries in East Africa and soon when COVID-19 is under control and travel restrictions are lifted, she will continue her plans to travel to Mombasa Kenya for a RABS Women’s Conference with our RABS Gospel Singer, Sister Viola.

I thank Bishop Wilfred Barasa who always works closely with Rev. Eva for mama’s health when she’s here in Africa, and also my counterpart associate administrator for me as well. While traveling in different parts of East African countries, he accompanies me and teaches alongside of me. Bishop is spiritually strong and biblical sound in his thinking and he is always steady and a real asset to me and to RABS at large. Oftentimes I consult with him and get his good counsel. I cannot praise him too highly because his tireless advice and directive contribution are too valuable not to properly acknowledge.

I thank Moko our RABS East Africa Music Director who plays a big role in reaching the remotest parts of Uganda and more so in the Barracks with Uganda defense Forces, UPDF, and the Military Christian Fellowship and Military Task Force for Jesus Christ going to places even where RABS has not sent him. Mama’s visit to the Military base in Entebbe and her preaching at the Military Fellowship gathering in February 2020, united RABS with the Military Fellowship causing an inseparable bond.

I thank our RABS volunteer gospel artists, songwriters, and preachers/teachers of the Word of God, sister Carol and sister Viola of Nairobi and Mombasa, Kenya for their continued efforts in taking RABS ministries’ faith assignment forward in lifting others spiritually where it is possible in accordance with Kenya’s strict Covid19 restrictions. Both of them have recorded new gospel and worship songs and produced music videos this year with commitment to serving our King of kings and Lord of lords. They don’t shy away every time I announce mama’s coming to Uganda and in different parts of East African nations, they are ever ready. May the Lord bless them abundantly.

When mama ignited the RABS fire in Kigumba, Uganda, Rev. John Nsubuga has carried on the faith assignment in Kiryandongo broadcasting on Kibamba FM radio every Sunday teaching RABs and winning back the lost souls to Christ. We are receiving good news as many runaway brides are coming back to Christ Jesus through this radio broadcast. May the Lord grant him more desire for his work.

Our National Volunteer Directors, Pastor Robert of DRC, Evangelists Gervas of Tanzania, and Missionary Pastor Wycliffe of Kenya working abroad in many African nations; I extend my full thankfulness for the many conferences and teachings they have fully extended throughout 2020 with fervent prayers and fast assemblies and missions far exceeding our expectations through the empowerment of the Spirit of God and the vigor of themselves and those saints and Christian Organizations standing with them in their respective nations.

I thank Pasteur Robert of DRC for the RABS missions he boldly led and carried out after the Covid19 restrictions were lifted. Traveling is made much harder and more dangerous in some areas of DRC with: COVID-19 and the realities of the war in Ituri province and Haut Uele, and many cases of Ebola in these areas.

I thank Evangelist Gervas of Tanzania for the December Conferences and Crusades he hosted which included some of the RABS Teachings in the ministering alongside of some of the most trustworthy pastors and bishops that Mama herself trained in 2017 while in Tanzania.  

I also thank the Lord for Bishop Wilfred Barasa, RABS Volunteer Kenya National Director for the many works he is involved in pursuing the runaway brides of Christ as well as the lost—yet to hear of the salvation power of Jesus Christ. Bishop Wilfred’s classes he teaches to many Kenyan Pastors and Christian Leaders at the RABS office in Moi’sbridge Kitale. These classes include the use of the first two published works: “RABS Bible Study,” Consisting of 12 Lessons and the “Reconciled Bridal Relationships Handbook,” and some of Mama’s later published works, “Biblical Lectures, Sermons, and Topics for RAB Bible Training,” and “No Ordinary Devotional for Extraordinary Times.” He has just begun introducing some of the new students to mama’s online recorded Facebook RABS Sunday Conversations. These messages are both encouraging and educational.

I also thank him for the newly established Bible Study he is hosting in Kipsingor Nandi county. Which is proving fruitful. It’s my prayer that God enables these classes to grow and sprout to a bigger RABS center that will draw many to become agents of change in people’s lives, bringing back the runaway Brides.

With these few remarks, I thank the almighty God for all the African RABS’ teams, enduring all the challenges they have been through during the lockdown- with one aim of making sure, the Brides of Christ are won back to Christ. Their efforts are not in vain. As Paul emphasis in Philippians 4:19; “And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus.”

It’s my prayers that we continue to remember one another in prayers and in support for the RABS missions to move forward as we step into 2021. May the Lord bless RABS International Ministries.

Yours Milton Wanyama.
RABS Africa Volunteer Coordinator

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